Kayeri Akweks Bio, Artist Statement, and Education

Finding and creating portraits of nature's treasures is a delight - encouraging each of us to look closer, relishing our natural world. 

Short Bio

Kayeri's work is about personal spiritual transformation by connecting to nature utilizing art. She is interested in portraiture within the integrity and symbols of nature.

Kayeri holds a Certificate of Indian Status, Canada, Upper Mohawk at Six Nations, Grand River, Ontario. Her family names are Burnham, John/s, Anderson. Kayeri Akweks lives and works in western Oregon, near the Mohawk River and Valley which she finds ironic. Kayeri has access to gardens, mountains, rivers, streams, fields, forests, coasts and ocean. She has a large extended family and multiple communities in the west and New York state, the US and Canada. She finds beautiful, little natural treasures in each of these wonderful places. 

Her earliest memory of drawing was when she was 5 years old trying to align the perspective of a paper drinking straw within a glass. For her, drawing, inking, and watercolor washes are about seeing and studying intricate structures within focused, intimate observation.

Artist Statement

I draw, ink, and paint to connect to my core self and go into flow. I am immersed in a study of nature and the human face as it relates to the natural world. With each attempted work, I aim to gain greater artistic skill and knowledge about our earth, humanity, and nature. I am interested in what the work will reveal within the moment, in the technical doing, and through the sustained longtime practice. 

The earth and I know each other. She most likely knows me much better than I do myself. I believe that our planet has things she wants to teach me. I believe I am somehow important to her. I believe that I have responsibilities in my relationship to the earth. I want to be involved in the intimacy of communicating with precious nature and actively participate in the earth's varied communities. 

Description of the Work

Each work is a compilation of portraits, botanical art, naturalistic art, abstraction taken from natural forms, and transcendent patterning. Each work holds a dynamic tension of realism and abstraction, use of materials, and contemporary concepts. 



2017, MFAIA, Goddard College, Port Townsend, WA campus.

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